FESPA 2007
FESPA 2007
Berlin 5-9 June 2007


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FESPA 2007
Top 10 Exhibiting Tips
1. Set your objective
The 3 main objectives with exhibiting are: Branding, generating sales leads and positioning your organisation within the market. Itís a simple one. The number of exhibitors who say ďWell we have to be here reallyĒ! Err Really? You could be somewhere else doing something properly rather than exhibiting without an objective.
2. Choose the right show

Itís not uncommon for companies to appear at a show only to discover that the visitors are not really the right people for them to be marketing to. As well as the awful red face and the sudden loss of appetite your marketing manager will feel, it is a colossal waste of time, resources and marketing budget. Again, it seems obvious but make sure the organiser is selling you a good story with a proven track record with compelling content. Obviously FESPA is a superb example of a premier event that delivers focused content for focused people.

3. Make a plan and involve your team early in the process
It can be a binding teambuilding exercise and something your team will take pride in, inject energy into and will give business with excellent results. If you involve them early in the process the vital sense of ownership they will feel will enhance your exhibition performance as well as lifting team spirit.
4. Develop a relationship with your exhibition organiser
Most exhibitors feel that organisers are distant to them and possibly donít care. Having met, worked for and done business with a lot of exhibition organisers I would contest that. The majority do care, but in reality you will be one of many exhibitors and organising an exhibition is not as easy as it may seem. So make yourself and your business known to them! An organiser will respond well to positive engagement and you will get your business included in all the additional PR opportunities which will add to the success of your stand.
5. Donít just rely on your stand!
It is the fun bit of the process. Briefing a stand designer, deciding on what furniture you want, what colour, what type of brochure etc are all important aspects of your stand. But they are only the start of it. A lot of exhibitors spend all their energy in the look and feel of the stand and forget about its function and how it fits in with your messaging. Consequently, it doesnít really do anything! Whilst it is important that your stand looks professional and dynamic, it is the process and your exhibition team that delivers the results!
6. Budget for supporting promotion
You wouldnít have a party without sending out an invitation! Telling people about your stand is pretty important so mail your database with a show invite! It doesnít matter if they are existing customers as they will think it odd if they get to the show and find you there without you telling them! PR is also vital to a successful exhibition campaign but you should also budget for additional promotion around the event. Whether you decide to advertise in the show guide, run some hospitality around the main event or sponsor something Ė depending on your objectives leave some budget for this activity as it will support your market position, enhance your brand and demonstrates the commitment you have made to the show and the market.
7. Visit a show and observe behaviour!
When you visit a trade show you will see some good, some bad and some downright ugly exhibiting! Some people suddenly change their behaviour whilst at a show as they are taken out of their comfort zone and donít know how to behave correctly. The fact is behaviour is controlled by clear communication of a defined objective. If this has been done properly you should avoid a problem with behaviour. What differentiates a good from an excellent exhibitor is your exhibition team.  I ran an exhibition for Pas and Secretaries in London and one of our most successful exhibitors had their exhibition team made up of Pas and Secretaries. They found their sales team were not as successful and did not communicate or behave appropriately, but the PA was able to understand visitorís needs and establish rapport and trust very quickly.
8. Make sure your team have lots of planned breaks, stay in a nice hotel, have nice food and donít party too hard in the evening!
The reality is exhibitions are hard work and demand energy, focus and performance. But they work! They are better than any other media because they provide companies with an environment full with people giving them permission to sell to them. But a media that provides an opportunity to communicate utilising the 5 senses means many exhibitors make simple mistakes. For example, stinky garlic breath, smoking on your stand, a tired person on a stand with no energy who is rapidly losing the will to live will not get you any new business. In fact, it may cause irreparable damage! Look after your team and they will look after you!
9. Have fun!
It may be hard work, but something that gets results will always demand a lot of work. Exhibiting should be a creative, rewarding and fun experience.  Make it fun!
10. Follow Up
Plan following up after the show. The amount of exhibitors that donít follow up is ridiculous. The ďcloseĒ is one of the key reasons you bothered to take a stand in the first place so make sure you have the resources in place to follow up professionally!
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